A System Designed for Nursery/Containers

Whether you specialize in a particular product and customer mix or work with several, we have the features you need to manage them all.

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Plant Partner Enterprise does all that we need it to do and it does it well.

Dan & Jerry's Greenhouse 

Features Designed For Nurseries/Containers

Managing lots of varieties, lots of space and long term growth cycles to make the most of your opportunities is the key to success.  Plant Partner can provide the production and inventory control you need and automate the pulling process.


  • Flexible product naming conventions handle common and scientific terms.
  • Grow Library database handles multi-year production scheduling through unlimited transplants.
  • Our Master Grow Plan identifies all of your transplanting opportunities based on current inventory and forecast plans so you can easily react to sales fluctuations.
  • Planting scheduling organizes all of the seasons transplanting and material requirements.
  • Coordinate multiple facilities in the production, inventory and sales process.
  • Keep your chain store schedules separate for individual or total company analysis
  • Match up your materials requirements with your chain store accounts so it is easy to order and manage customer specific plastics, labels and tags.
  • Easy Excel import and export.
  • Integrated cost analysis for accurate contribution margin calculations


  • Flexible seasonal inventory setup handles a variety of shelf life spans for easy availability management.
  • Comprehensive location tracking manages inventory throughout your expansive growing space. Orders are automatically allocated to inventory lots prior to pulling based on your grading so pulling documents are organized by location.
  • Inventory grading and allocation to committed orders provides quick response to product changes.
  • Keep inventory segregated for each box store for customer specific availability and accurate pulling.


  • View detailed inventory lot information as you take orders to accommodate landscaper specifications.
  • Cart Analysis makes sure your racks are filled efficiently and you can automatically print content labels.
  • Powerful mass updating of orders and substitution processing.
  • Powerful replenishment analysis and integration to box store data.
  • Mobile order verification by cart.
  • EDI integration by customer SKU