Plant Partner is Made to Go Mobile


Access Your System Anytime, Anywhere

Managing your workload requires you to be on the go constantly and you need a system that goes with you. Plant Partner is engineered to direct connect to your network over the Internet so you have access to your vital information anytime, anywhere. Wherever you are, you are certain to stay in the loop and not miss anything.

Your employees are empowered to respond quickly to activity in the field so data is recorded as work is done making everything run faster and more accurately.

Mobile Applications Designed To Work Where You Work

Plant Partner has a host of mobile applications available. Our Mobile Inventory Manager counts, tracks waste, moves, changes to ready date, crop information and pulling priorities. You can run Inventory Manager offline so you can count far and wide without worrying about having to be connected to your network. Track planting, materials, purchasing and much more through your mobile devices. Connect customers through an on-line ordering experience that fits your business.


Verify Orders At Staging For Total Accuracy

Verify orders as you are pulling and staging. Plant Partner provides an easy mobile app to quickly scan cart or box contents and identify changes. Employees are empowered to correct mistakes before shipping or upload any substitutions or additions as an adjustment to the order.

Processing changes and turning around necessary paperwork and electronic advanced ship notifications has never been easier. Cut hours off of your staging and shipping process every day when peak volume makes every hour precious and turn your loading bays faster than ever.