A System Designed for Young Plants

Whether you specialize in a particular product and customer mix or work with several, we have the features you need to manage them all.

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All the production is now done in Plant Partner Enterprise instead of spreadsheets and paper copies. We are adding purchasing and space planning and it is all very integrated.

Garden State Growers 

Features Designed For Young Plants

Keeping pace with changing orders, precise inventory control and accurate order fulfillment is the key to success.  Whether you produce cuttings or plugs, Plant Partner connects you to broker ordering and manages the details to ensure customer satisfaction. 


  • Plant Partner’s powerful forecasting process automatically syncs up schedules to pre-booked orders with additional spec percentages.
  • Manage stock plant production and URC forecasting.
  • Barcoded production labels.
  • Track seed/URC lots during planting with mobile planting recording.
  • Plant Partner manages all of your seed inventory automatically and integrates purchasing to match your forecasted requirements.
  • Generate weekly URC purchase orders by farm to match requirements. Integrate with supplier availability.


  • Plant Partner manages your extensive inventory of small batches by location so pullers are directed to correct locations and orders are fulfilled correctly.
  • Plant Partner manages plug tray patching to auto reduce reserved trays and post remaining trays to broker availability to ensure every tray gets sold.
  • Flexible availability views automatically allocate prior week’s inventory to cover shortages.


  • Easy import of yearly price changes.
  • Lead time monitoring during order entry based on actual grow time fluctuations throughout the year.
  • Integration to the broker network to exchange orders and acknowledgements electronically and supply availability.
  • Flexible kitting manages tag and royalty additions.
  • Easy mass updates and substitution processing.
  • Box analysis automatically combines products into shipping boxes and prints content labels.
  • Integration to Fed Ex and UPS shipping systems